The Third Pig Detective Agency

September 14, 2007

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

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What’s that ringing noise coming from the street? 

It’s either the official Town Crier or  a deputation from Lepers Anonymous.  Let’s hear what’s going on.

“Oyez, oyez.  Attention people of Grimmtown.  Let it be known that the adventures of one of our most illustrious citizens is to be forever immortalised in book format.  It is with a deep sense of regret that I announce that The Third Pig Detective Agency is to be published by The Friday Project in Autumn 2008.  As a result, the ego of our most infamous pig will no doubt skyrocket even more and he will be even more insufferable when you meet him in the bars and speakeasies of our town.

This book must be boycotted at all costs.  When it comes out make bonfires, burn it, protest outside your bookstore.  Under no circumstances should this pig be allowed to become more irritating than he already is.  Hear ye, hear ye.”

 Typical!  After all I’ve done for them over the years, this is the thanks I get.  There’s my official reporter Mr Burke sweating blood to put my adventures together and this is how we’re being treated. 

Ego?  Me?  Surely some mistake.  Maybe they’ve confused me with Red Riding Hood.  Yeah, that’s probably it.  Easy mistake to make.  Phew!


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