The Third Pig Detective Agency

July 5, 2007

Coming Soon-ish

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I know you’ve been clamouring for updates but I’ve been on a stakeout this past while (even I have to earn money you know!) so haven’t had much time to regale you with my exploits. 

Once this case is over, I’ll share the juicy details with you.  As a preview of forthcoming attractions I will reveal the following:

 It includes:

a plague of spiders (and when I say spiders I’m not talking about “ooh there’s a little one in the bath”, I mean hairy beasties the size of rats),

strange goings-on at the Curds and Whey Bed and Breakfast

Miss Muffet (winner of Grimmtown’s Arachnaphobe of the Year for the past 12 years)

an old lady who – yes, indeed – lives in a shoe,

Theodore Frogg, owner of Frogg Prince Pets,

and two prime candidates for the Village Idiot of the Year Award

Yes, I know, I know; you want all the details now don’t you?  Well I’ll just keep you in suspense a little while longer.

Coming soon:  

The Third Pig Detective Agency in The Curds and Whey Mystery. 


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