The Third Pig Detective Agency

February 20, 2007

Welcome to the Third Pig Detective Agency

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HarryPWho am I? 
You’ve probably all read the story of the Three Little Pigs and probably wondered, “Whatever happened that smart pig who built the house made of bricks?” 
Well I can tell you.  I decided to become a detective – after all there’s no point in being famous if you can’t make use of it, is there?
I was  the one who broke the Hansel and Gretel case and am now faced with the most baffling mystery of my career:  who stole Aladdin’s lamp, why does he want it back so badly and why does everyone involved in the case seem intent on inflicting grevious bodily harm on my porcine body?

Want to Know More?
If you want to read the grim details, the first three chapters of my amazing adventures can be found at where they came third in the site’s Children’s Book of the Year Award (they also provided the spiffing cover you see attached – nice one!).

My thrilling exploits will continue to be recorded and documented by my biographer Mr. Burke (Watson to my Holmes – or perhaps Yoyo to my Holmes might be more accurate).  Mr. Burke will no doubt regale you with thrilling tales of derring-do as I single-handedly (if you discount young Jack Horner) solve mysteries, recover lost artifacts and thrill you with my hair-rasing exploits (or perhaps not).

As he seeks to ensure my deeds are presented to my eager and adoring public in the most appropriate manner, no doubt Mr. Burke will continue to advise as to progress with the placing and publication of my first adventure The Third Pig Detective Agency with literary agents and publsiing houses.

Do read my adventures and let me know what you think – or more importantly, if you want to read more.


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